Body wraps have been around for centuries, now you can try a new twist on an proven treatment…

Venus Bodywork offers a unique combination of non-invasive body toning, shaping and sculpting services that you will not find anywhere in SF. Choose from any of our body sculpting wraps for this special.

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Therapeutic body shaping wraps, proven protocols with modern formulations Bio-Slim, Sudatonic, Clay Mineral and Cryotherapy wraps

  • Visibly shape and tone your figure in a single session

  • Improves the appearance of cellulite

  • Pull impurities from the skin

  • Natural detox


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  • "While the ambiance may be basic the prices are good, the products are great and the people working there are kind, professional and very knowledgeable."–Tess O.

  • "I love Venus Body Work so much! I have done some of their body work and it is really great. However, I recently have seen Genevieve for a chemical peel and she is FANTASTIC."–Farrah A.

  • "I was first introduced to Venus Bodyworks by Yelp's coupon. After one session of dermasonic and endermology, I noticed a difference. The thigh part was nicer and smoother looking."–AhLin C.

  • "I think its the perfect for someone who wants to jumpstart a workout routine or a body change."–Jenna K.

  • "I just can't stay away from this wonderful place! They offer the best body treatments in San Francisco and still manage to have the best prices."–Marcia O.

  • "I love Venus Bodywork. I went there and had a body wrap, and it was such a delightful experience."–Anastasia N.

  • "The place: good, soma location. The staff: friendly, thorough. The procedure: dermosonic (3 sessions made a difference). The bottom line: I like it and will come back for other services."–Loanna K.

  • "After the first appointment, which was to sooth and heal, I made another, to extract and clean. I'm very satisfied with the experience and results, and feel confident knowing they weren't trying to just make money off of me but to make me a long term customer."–Jeanne H.

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