MAY THEME – Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning 

Dust off those workout shoes and get ready to sweat. Warm spring weather is finally here and it’s time to get out and get some fresh air. Are you ready for those short shorts?


Game Plan

Six Exercises to reduce and remove CELLULITE in between Venus visits

  1. 90 Degrees Side Lunges – For quads, hamstrings, and glutes
  2. All-Fours Kickback – For glutes
  3. Lying Inner-leg Lift – For inner thighs
  4. Squat and Side Lift ...
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FEBRUARY THEME – Love Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Love Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Whether it’s loving your friends, family or just loving yourself, February is the month to care. Take the next 28 days and be a little selfish. Find what works for you and become a healthier, happier you! Make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet!


-Love Yourself-

Week one: Get moving, physical activity is an important part of a heart-healthy routine.

Week two: Slow down and take a deep breath, relaxing can help ...

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DECEMBER THEME – The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown!

As we all wrap up 2012, it is beneficial to do a lot of reflecting as well as goal-setting for the new year to come! But remember, it’s not about being perfect, which is impossible; instead, strive towards balance! Finding what works best for YOU will help you accomplish any goal, big or small.


-The Last Two Weeks-

There are only a few weeks left in December and only a few weeks from the end of ...

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SEPTEMBER THEME – Surprise Yourself

Surprise Yourself

Age might just be a number, but when that number hits the 40s you feel like the world just stopped! Everything you have done in your teens and 20s are finally catching up to you. Fear not, because there is still time and there is still a way to make everything better. It starts right now with giving your body a full wake up call!


The Surprises

Surprise yourself from head to ...

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AUGUST THEME – Small Changes, Big Results

Small Changes, Big Results

Change is sometimes the most difficult task to accomplish. We form habits and become comfortable in our daily routines. We enjoy taking shortcuts and cutting corners when it can get us to the the finish line faster. But when it comes to our health, cutting corners may not be the best answer. Take a chance and make a change. You might like the longer way around.


There aren’t very many shortcuts when it comes to being healthy. We ...

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