Get Your Booty Ready for Summer!

Have you heard? 2015 is the year of the booty.

No, we’re not talking about pirates, we’re talking about having all the right junk in all the right places.


Everywhere you look, it seems that the stick figure is out and a round, firm booty is in. And now that summer is here, that booty will be on view – so, how’s your rear view looking these days?

If that boom boom isn’t banging like it should be, don’t despair! Venus Bodywork’s new Magic Pump treatment can help.

What is Magic Pump?

Venus Bodywork’s owners recently returned from a trip to Brazil (our owner Miria is Brazilian) where they discovered a new product that plumps and shapes the booty area. The product is called Magic Pump, and we are now the only health and beauty spa in San Francisco that offers this treatment.
Magic Pump is a non-invasive, painless and results-oriented vacuum therapy technique that uses continuous and pulsed negative pressure with suction cups of various sizes and shapes to improve the shape and tone of the gluteal or “booty” area.


Magic Pump literally “pumps” up your booty – making it round, firm and bootylicious!

Several studies have been performed in Brazil supporting vacuum therapy techniques such as that used in the Magic Pump’s ability to improve and tone the gluteal and other areas of the body, including a 2006 study by R. Rossetti.

The Rossetti study indicated that the vacuum therapy technique used in the Magic Pump improves gas exchange, increases and improves tissue toning, helps to mobilize body fluids, increases blood flow and tissue nutrition, and helps improve the appearance of the skin.

Basically, it brings booty back.

How it works

According to the Rossetti study, vacuum therapy facilitates gas exchange: when the vacuum pump sucks the skin, it increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the treated area, dilates local blood vessels, and stimulates the lymphatic system. These cause edema formation; i.e., fluid collects in the area, “pumping it up.” Additionally, skin tone and texture is improved thanks to dilation of the skin capillaries, connective tissue restructuring and stimulation of collagen production, and increased flow of blood and other nutrients to the treated area.

Give it a Try!

Look. Let’s be honest. Most of us were not blessed with a Brazilian backside, and even fewer of us have the time or energy to invest in doing the number of squats and deadlifts that would be necessary to get one. So if you’re looking for a quick way to temporarily get that look without surgery or living at the gym, Magic Pump might just be for you.

Give us a call and let us help you make your rear view one the bikini inspector won’t want to forget this summer!


When NOT to use Magic Pump. The Rossetti study indicated that vacuum therapy should not be used by those suffering from tumors or skin lesions, capillary fragility (i.e., those who bruise easily), those with a transmissible infectious disease, or inflammatory rheumatism. As with most non-invasive body treatments, results are temporary and best results come with multiple treatments..


Limited Time Magic Pump Specials!


We want to help you get that booty on track for bikini season, so for the month of June we are offering your first Magic Pump treatment for just $39, only available on Facebook. We are also offering a limited time Magic Pump Intro Special for $249: you get three Magic Pump sessions either as a stand-alone treatment program, or it can be combined with any other treatments you wish, to get your body bikini ready!

Click this link to learn more about our June specials and call (415) 227-4322 to book your Magic Pump sessions today!

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