June Theme – Making Memories

Making Memories

Sun time fun time! There’s nothing better than that warm sunshiny day with fresh air. Make the most of it with these sunny tips and bright ideas.


-Map it Out-

The best way to make it happen is to plan it out and set a date!

  1. Pick a place to go (i.e Angel Island, North Beach, Golden Gate Park)
  2. Pick a date (Today is better than tomorrow and now is better than never)
  3. Call up a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/siblings
  4. Eat a good breakfast (Multigrain Blueberry Waffles click for recipe)
  5. Rent a car and hit the road
  6. Take some pictures and make a great memory!!


The Venus Plan

Results in 5-10 sessions!!

Our favorite Package: 10 Session Body Redux over a 5 week span

  • 3 Heccus + Dermosonic and 2 Heccus + Endermologies trading off each week
  • 5 Bodywraps (2 sudatonics, 1 clay mineral, and 2 Cryos)
  • The bodywraps can either be scheduled right after the machine treatments or within the same week
  • See your therapist for the best schedule

*Results vary by person


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