October – Here We Go

Here We Go

Attention….Attention! Whether you celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday; this is the newsletter for you! Time to get into shape and look your best. Don’t get caught in that Halloween outfit with a muffin top or show up to your family reunion not being able to wear that perfect holiday outfit. We have the right touch to fit everyone’s needs!


-Your Ideal Monthly Calendar-

Time is money!

  1. Week one- purchase 5 Endermologie and 5 bodywrap packagesTwo double sessions (Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Thursday), keep track of your calories and drink lots of water
  2. Week two- start a light workout routineTwo double sessions again on the same days as previous week. Find a good quick workout to do on your days you don’t have treatments, cardio is one of the most effective calorie burner
  3. Week three- keep up the good workContinue the two double sessions, workout, and drink lots of water
  4. Week four- final weekUse your last session in each package. Drink lots of water and get ready for the holiday celebration

This is an example of monthly plan, results vary for each person. Book an appointment today and get a personalized plan starting with a free consultation.


Genevieve likes the new body wrap, check it out!

Venus’ new favorite treatment can help tone your entire body making it a great add on to any package or session!

“I love the new Bio Slim Wrap! It offers instant inch loss results is very relaxing!  Plus with the home maintenance kits they offer, you can maintain the results from the comfort if your home”  Genevieve.

*Results vary by person

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