September – Empower Yourself

Empower Yourself

September is all about bold colors, unique styles, and more than ever: PERSONAL HEALTH! This is the best time to take fitness into your own hands and do it your way. Make it simple, make it difficult, you have the power to kick your butt into gear and start this season off the right way!  


-Health trends for this Fall-

There’s a little something for everyone!

  1. Fitness and Diet apps will give you all the planning that you will need to reach your new goals.

    Some apps that we like: Workout Trainer, Daily Workouts, MapMyFitness Workout Trainer, Noom Weight Loss Coach

  2. Fitness classes will go mobile

    Now you can feel like you have your own personal instructor right there in your living room or office.

  3. Gluten Free Foods (even fast food!)

    Restaurants offering gluten free food in SF: Bio, Bread Srsly, Caffe Cento, and Saha

  4. Juicing!!

    All-natural, raw fruit, and vegetable juices. Starbucks and Jamba Juice will be serving these soon enough, if not all ready!!

While these are great trends, don’t forget Venus is also here to help. With new machines and unique techniques, we can help speed up weight loss and boost your energy with every session. We cater these packages to fit your needs!!

Read more at Health Trends 2013


Treatment of the Month!

Katie’s favorite treatment is one of the best all around body sculpting treatments in the Bay area!

Heccus & Dermosonic – The Dermosonic is a localized treatment that helps with redistributing the fat layers that you would not normally reach by just working out. The therapy is a proven non-invasive, non surgical comprehensive cellulite treatment method.This along with about 5-10 mins of Heccus each session will help reduce cellulite, improve skin texture and define muscles.
*Results vary by person


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