Extratos da Terra, translates into “Extracts of the Earth” in English and it all began in Brasil in 1988. The founders felt a desire to work with natural products in the cosmetic industry, primarily because they believed that there was an inherent lack of respect for natural products in the market place. Focused on producing products that would serve the esthetic needs of the client and that would be environmentally sound “Extracts of the Earth” developed product lines for hair, body and facial hygiene.

While many beauty product lines have an “international” cachet, Extratos da Terra values its commitment to the use of natural ingredients that reflect the characteristics of Brazil – a land of colors, ethnicities and flavors, Brazil is a mixture of elements, and personalities. It is this country that the produces the extracts, offering beauty treatments for all. The care that goes into the manufacture of Extratos da Terra begins with the composition of elements. The professional and consumer lines are based on all natural extracts and receive special attention through the combination of components to the process of finishing.

After nineteen years in the market, Extratos da Terra is the line of choice for many professionals around the world who use the products, believe in their effectiveness and reccomend the products to their customers. The company has a network of distributors for the professional lines within Brazil , the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Europe. Extratos da Terra is commitment to the environment and publicly advocates for the implementation of ISO 14001.