The Brazilian Detox Body Wrap

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This wrap is enriched with beneficial minerals and will help the skin stay naturally hydrated and moisturized. The wrap can help to pull out toxins and unclog skin pores. The heated clay helps relieve joint and muscle aches and stress tension. This is an excellent choice for anyone who has been exposed to sun, wind or was recently sick.

Brazilian Detox Body WrapBenefits:

  • Detoxifying
  • Slimming
  • Therapeutic
  • Improved circulation

What to expect during the session:

Clay mineral is a soothing and heated wrap. You will be covered in different sections of the body with the clay and wrapped with bandages to help contour the body. While tucked in the infrared blanket, you will feel a little hot but very relaxed. Just sit back and enjoy the 35 min wrap.

What to expect after the sessions:

Moisturized skin and a little dehydration. Water and time to relax is recommended.

Recommended Protocol:

5-10 Brazilian detox body wrap sessions over a 4-5 week period for best results.