Frequently Asked Questions: How Do Wraps and Cellulite Treatments Work?

Clients usually have questions when they come to us for a body wrap or cellulite treatment. The two questions we get asked most frequently are, “do your wraps and cellulite treatments really work?” and, “how do they work?” We will be addressing some of the questions we get asked most frequently over the coming weeks – today, we will tackle the two questions above.

Question 1: Will your services provide me with results?

Short answer: Yes! But there are some things you ...

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September – Empower Yourself

Empower Yourself

September is all about bold colors, unique styles, and more than ever: PERSONAL HEALTH! This is the best time to take fitness into your own hands and do it your way. Make it simple, make it difficult, you have the power to kick your butt into gear and start this season off the right way!  


-Health trends for this Fall-

There’s a little something for everyone!

  1. Fitness and Diet apps will ...
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FEBRUARY THEME – Love Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Love Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Whether it’s loving your friends, family or just loving yourself, February is the month to care. Take the next 28 days and be a little selfish. Find what works for you and become a healthier, happier you! Make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet!


-Love Yourself-

Week one: Get moving, physical activity is an important part of a heart-healthy routine.

Week two: Slow down and take a deep breath, relaxing can help ...

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