Frequently Asked Questions: How Do Wraps and Cellulite Treatments Work?

Clients usually have questions when they come to us for a body wrap or cellulite treatment. The two questions we get asked most frequently are, “do your wraps and cellulite treatments really work?” and, “how do they work?” We will be addressing some of the questions we get asked most frequently over the coming weeks – today, we will tackle the two questions above.

Question 1: Will your services provide me with results?

Short answer: Yes! But there are some things you ...

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July – Light up your Life with Fireworks

Light up your life with Fireworks

July is an exciting time of the year…sunny weather, summer BBQ, weekend getaways and much much more! Don’t let a few bumps and some unwanted cellulite stop you this year!! Put some structure back in your life and get started NOW!


-Where to start-

Don’t let doubts and the unknown hold you back!

  1. Do your research. Yelp a few places and read the reviews, find what fits your ...
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