October – Here We Go

Here We Go

Attention….Attention! Whether you celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday; this is the newsletter for you! Time to get into shape and look your best. Don’t get caught in that Halloween outfit with a muffin top or show up to your family reunion not being able to wear that perfect holiday outfit. We have the right touch to fit everyone’s needs!


-Your Ideal Monthly Calendar-

Time is money!

  1. Week one- purchase 5 Endermologie ...
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MAY THEME – Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning 

Dust off those workout shoes and get ready to sweat. Warm spring weather is finally here and it’s time to get out and get some fresh air. Are you ready for those short shorts?


Game Plan

Six Exercises to reduce and remove CELLULITE in between Venus visits

  1. 90 Degrees Side Lunges – For quads, hamstrings, and glutes
  2. All-Fours Kickback – For glutes
  3. Lying Inner-leg Lift – For inner thighs
  4. Squat and Side Lift ...
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