What people say about Venus Bodywork

"Exactly what you hope for in getting a facial - a comprehensive, tailored treatment, by a professional, knowledgeable and kind anesthetic, without the fluff or product pushing. Highly recommend this place if you don't want to pay $150 for cucumber water and instead, want the money spent on good products and a good experience. I went to Venus because some new facial products caused a flare-up of hives on my jawline. With my wedding only a month away, I wanted to take care of it as best possible- I felt Katie at Venus did the best job anyone could have. After the first appointment, which was to sooth and heal, I made another, to extract and clean. I'm very satisfied with the experience and results, and feel confident knowing they weren't trying to just make money off of me but to make me a long term customer. " Jeanne H. - San Francisco

"I went in to get rid of my minor cellulite problem, ready to do some sudotonic wraps. Instead, Marcia told me that would not work for my problem and recommended a demosonic treatment and a cyrotonic treatment. (the dermosonic was even a lower cost than the sudotonic wrap. Marcia and her staff are very friendly and knowledgable. After the two treatments, my cellulite is GONE!!!! She recommends once a month dermosonic treatments." Christy T. - San Francisco

"LOOOONG overdue. I've been coming here off and on for the past 3 years or so, and I really can't say enough about this place! Everyone is always so nice and welcoming, and, most importantly, compassionate. Every time I go in for a treatment, they are very thorough and completely honest with what I need to do, not only there but at home as well for upkeep. Genevieve has got to be the kindest, and most sincere person I've seen. She honestly cares about her clients, and make sure they feel comfortable and obtain the best results possible. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have purchased their membership package. She is honestly a gem, and I look forward to seeing her every week!" Michelle R. - San Francisco

"It's taken some time for me to find an esthetician I can trust. After searching Trubates for a good deal, I found Venus Body Care. I saw that they'd received good reviews for the waxing services so I thought I'd give it a try, and am glad that I did. Genevieve is amazing - very professional, sweet and she always does a great job. In addition to brazilians, I've also had a facial done. All in all, it's a great place that provides excellent service." Dez C. - San Francisco

"If you want to finally go to a spa that has a wonderful staff and actually gives you results, Venus Bodywork is the place to go. You may not get all the ambiance of the higher priced spas (the big lounge area, waterfalls, scented candles and snacks...), but the spa is still a nice, comfortable place to go, you can relax and have tea, and the staff is friendly and honestly out to provide a service and results. Marcia is the best!! I have been working with her for only the past few months on trimming down the waist/ab area and I saw results Immediately doing the Heccus + Endermology/Dermosonic treatments once and now twice a month!! And from the first time I tried the Plaster wrap I saw noticeable results!! I have lost inches around my waist and have firmed up....and this is without adding a diet and exercise regimen to it....so I can only imagine the results I will soon be seeing as I incorporate my diet and exercise. The prices are already resonable ....but I definitely recommend becoming a member...no matter which membership you choose it is definitely worth it!! I am so glad I found this place!!!" Christina D. - San Francisco

"I was first introduced to Venus Bodywork by Yelp's coupon. After one session of dermosonic and endermology, I noticed a difference. The thigh part was nicer and smoother looking. So I bought their package of 3 treatments and 2 wraps. I looked wonderful after the treatments were done. My body was nice and toned. The fat around my body were just more well spread so there was no lumpy areas. Also, I noticed that doing crutches and running the day after the treatment increased the tone-ness of my body. If you want to be bikini ready, I would def. come here and check them out. I do believe they are reasonably priced. Also, it depends on how much body fat you have, so for me, I'm Asian and weigh 107 lbs when I first went to Venus, so they said I only need about 3-5 sessions to look great. By the way, I did this during the spring/summer months. And of course after the summer, I have exercised a lot less and have not received a treatment, so some of the cellulite do appear back." AhLin C. - San Francisco

"I've wanted to try endermologie and demosonic for years~~ made popular by the French who pay top dollar to stay chic! However I, like many of you (I'm sure) have searched far and wide for a place that delivers results but without the high price tag that's really only getting you ambiance, and not additional value. I found Venus on DailyCandy and have been going to them ever since. They're more like a Spa-Clinic, focusing on your needs from both a clinical and a relaxation perspective. Their Endermologie treatments leave my body extremely well sculpted, and I love how I feel afterward, after shedding the water weight. I've gotten to a good place with a combination of Dermosonic+Heccus, Endermologie and some Sudotonic wraps and I'm sure I'll be back for regular maintenance visits. I knew this place was great when I came in and had an awesome 10 min consultation with Marcia. She, along with the other girls, weren't promising a miracle treatment. They were helpful in getting to understand my body type, and together we came up with a plan that helped to maximize results in addition to diet and exercise. Kaira, Marcia and Genevieve are all amazing and I love working with them. Highly recommended!" Kathryn W. - Mountain View

"What a wonderful find. Venus is a small SF meets NY meets Parisian spa clinic that offers excellent no nonsense services at super affordable rates. The staff is all around knowledgeable, friendly, and down to earth. Just to be helpful, I would warn against expecting luxury spa with amenities and spacious day long reflective environments to soothe the soul or anything like that. Venus' purpose is to provide serious results in very specific ways; hence my "spa clinic" term. That said, it is not at all the little sterile white clinic that I expected to find...and I really enjoy my relaxing treatments, the music, talking with my technician, and my nap during the service. I love sudatonic wraps with heccus treatments. As an FYI, when I haven't had a sudatonic wrap for a while and I start a small series, I notice a detox and change in my skin tone right away. For a noticeable change in body appearance, I usually notice a difference after the third session. Marcia and Genevieve are really great. The receptionist is awesome. I definitely recommend Venus Bodywork." D. T. - San Francisco

"There are couple things that are critical to me when going to a body salon: clean, knowledgeable staff and comfort with your therapist/ esthetician. Venus Bodywork is all of those things plus at very market affordable price. Yes, this is a smaller operation from mega corporate salons downtown but I don't need to worry about every changing pricing or busy staff members who can't be bothered to remember my name. When I visit Venus Bodywork the staff and especially the owner always make feel special and my business is important to them. I love them!" V R. - San Francisco

"I love Venus Bodywork. I went there and had a body wrap, and it was such a delightful experience. But what I really want to talk about is Miria. She's the owner of Venus Bodywork, and she has an energy about her that's just what you want to be around. She's genuine, loving, and kind. She's the kind of person that will truly make you feel valued and appreciated. The body wraps and other services are wonderful, but THAT'S why this place is so popular - because of the LOVE coming out of it. Yummy." Anastasia N. - San Francisco

"I just can't stay away from this wonderful place! They offer the best body treatments in San Francisco and still manage to have the best prices. It is worth checking out! The owner Miria has managed to provide her clients with the perfect relaxing and professional environment that keeps you coming back. This is coming from a previous 5 star spa owner. Keep up the good work!" Marcia O. - San Francisco

"I am so thrilled that i found this place! My sister recommended a procedure that is widely popular in Russia, Lift 6 Cosmécanique® ( a facial massage). It is virtually unknown procedure in US. The owner of the salon, Miria, is very knowledgeable and just simply a sweetheart. I came to the salon because of that one machine, but found out there is so much more i can do. :-) She has a few machines that do miracles to your body and face. Venus Bodywork has it all! Check her website for more info." Galina F. - Daly City

"Venus Bodywork combines the very best of cutting-edge Brazilian noninvasive plastic surgery and treatments with extremely reasonable prices. Many luxury salons in San Francisco charge 200-250% premium on the same services Miria offer in her salon. The staff here is simply wonderful. They are knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, empathetic, and always carry a can-do smile and attitude. As for this only catering to Women, it couldn't be further from the truth. I am a man, and have been a client for over a year. In addition, several of my guy friends are loyal clients of Venus'." Tony A. - San Francisco

"Venus and its employees are caring and professional I'm always greeted cheerfully, and feel relaxed during my services. I love coming here! It's a results oriented spa with reasonable prices which keeps me coming back." Nikoletta - San Francisco

"I came to Venus Bodywork as a Bride-to-be, and let me tell you, don't stop eating to get into that dress- eat well, stay healthy, and come here. The people are kind and caring, and the product is a cross between a massage, a spa treatment, and helps you lose weight! how much better can you get? not only do you look amazing, you feel amazing too. no more crash diets and exhaustion for me." Janelle S. - San Francisco