Venus Bodywork Membership:

Premium and Basic Options

Why Membership?

Based on feedback from our clients, we have taken our basic session packages and opened them up so that clients will have a wider variety and better pricing within these options to enjoy the sessions that Venus has to offer.  Members will receive priority booking and will pay much less per session in exchange for making a modest annual commitment with Venus.  Regular visits to Venus is a win-win, we are able to offer the sessions at lower prices because of the frequency and clients will stay on track towards their goals more easily by coming to see us regularly.

Within the Premium Membership package, clients will enjoy all of the following:

Premium Membership

  • 4 Sessions of their choice per month
  • 30% Discount on any additional sessions per month
  • 20% Discount on any products
  • Priority Booking

$309 per month

Clients will receive deeply discounted monthly sessions throughout the term of their membership, along with discounts for additional sessions and products.  The Unlimited Membership option is by far our best value, this option is ideal for clients that are already visiting Venus often or for those that are committed to achieving  and maintaining their goals.


Basic Membership

  • 1 Session of your choice per month
  • 20% Discount on any additional sessions per month
  • 10% Discount on products
  • Preferred Booking

$99 per month

Clients will receive one discounted session per month throughout the term of their membership along with valuable discounts for additional sessions and products.  The Basic Membership option is ideal for clients that are in more of a maintenance (rather then transforming mode), or it can also ideal for those that do not need as many treatments as often to maintain their shape.


Membership (the fine print)

Membership sessions are valid for all of the different types of sessions that Venus has to offer on the menu including facials.  Membership session pricing is discounted for members and is based on an annual commitment with Venus Bodywork.  Enrollment as a member requires a one time $59 enrollment fee for both the basic and unlimited memberships. Membership requires a valid credit card on file with Venus.  Credit cards will be charged immediately for the enrollment fee and for the month of enrollment, the ongoing membership fees will be charged within the first week of each month.  Membership upon the one year anniversary will then go month to month – if client continues on past the first year, the monthly membership price will stay at the price under which client signed up.  Unused visits during any month do not roll over to the following month.  Clients can cancel at any time, however, once a membership is cancelled, clients will receive no further member discounts. If membership is started under a promotion where the sign up fee is waived and client cancels within the first year, the $59 enrollment fee will be charged upon membership cancellation.