Heccus from Brazil


Heccus (or in English echos)

Heccus uses a combination of ultra sound and micro-current to stimulate the inner “fatty” dermis layers of the skin.  Why do this?  Because these particular layers of the skin are where the irregular shapes that produce the appearance of cellulite begin, the actual visible root of cellulite.  The Heccus session literally reaches under the skin and “motivates” these more stagnant/fatty areas of the body faciliatating the natural movement of fluid to the body’s lypmphatic drainage system.  The Heccus treatments work wonders, but they do not work alone and at Venus Bodywork this amazing machine is only the first step of a two step process.  To achieve even better results, we immediately follow the Heccus session with either Dermosonic or  Endermologie for a  more complete lymphatic stimulation and drainage.

Lymphatic Drainage, what is that?

Through the lymph system you can impact body shape and the appearance of cellulite without invasive surgery.  Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that focuses exclusively on moving fluid around your body to the lymph nodes so that the body’s natural elimination process begin to work.  The powerful Endermologie and Dermosonic machines take the layers of your skin, grab them with vacuums and rollers and literally squeeze the fluid in them similar to removing water from a towel when you twist it.  Let’s face it, unless you are a professional athlete or dancer, most people these days for the most part lead sedentary life styles, this “lifestyle” combined with the effects of aging produces pretty common results, weight gain and a gradual loosening and sagging of skin.  The Heccus treatment combined with either Dermosonic, Endermologie or a manual lymphatic massage go a long way towards stimulating your body in a way to keep it looking more toned and trim.